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Julia Simpson

Travel Designer

Julia first developed a love for travel as a child, after traveling to Europe multiple times. Upon graduating from university she spent six months living and traveling in Australia, where she realized she could turn her passion into a career. She went back to school to study tourism, and upon graduation she joined the team at Discover Holidays. Born and raised in Vancouver, Julia has traveled throughout Canada and fallen in love with the wide variety of experiences to be found in her own country. When she isn’t busy planning itineraries to Canada, Julia can be found crocheting or updating her craft blog.

What is your favourite place in Alaska?

Fox Island, located a short boat ride from Seward, is a beautiful spot to escape from the crowds for a night or two. Enjoy a sunrise hike behind the lodge, a guided kayaking trip to spot whales and other wildlife, or simply relax in the cozy lodge with a board game or a good book! The food is fantastic, and the bed was quite possibly the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in.

What is your best travel memory in Alaska?

Denali National Park is one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Alaska, and for good reason. The bus trip into the park is long but worth every minute of stunning scenery. I visited on a beautifully sunny early autumn day, and was treated to both the changing colours of the fall leaves and a rare glimpse of Mt. Denali’s elusive summit! An overnight stay in one of the backcountry lodges is definitely recommended to get the most out of your Denali visit.

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