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Daniel Linhart

Travel Designer

Originally from the Czech Republic, Daniel has been living in Canada since 2012 and received his Canadian citizenship in 2018. 

Hailing from a family of travelers and having explored most of Europe, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, he's truly enjoyed deepening his knowledge of other cultures, being on the road and building on his passion for the industry. 

Since moving to Canada, Daniel has continued to travel extensively, exploring the west coast of North America through Alaska, the Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah and California. 

When not planning dream trips, Daniel enjoys hiking, scuba diving, skiing and yoga. 

What is your favorite rail tour in Alaska?

The Glacier Discovery Train – It’s quite unbelievable how many wild animals you can see just from the window or outdoor viewing platform. Going on a glacier and wildlife cruise after getting off the train is also a must!

What is your favorite place in Alaska?

Chicken, Alaska, where one family is the whole population of the town! They created a little downtown by having all different businesses under one roof. This is a favorite place of mine because I saw the strongest Northern Lights there.

What experience in Alaska should everyone experience at least once?

Seeing the Northern Lights! Check out our Aurora Winter Train packages to combine cozy winter travel with this amazing natural phenomenon.

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